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Baraka Care International

Caroline Wavai, President and founding board member of Baraka Care International.

Fire Safety Education
Problem: Lack of knowledge with regards to fire hazard

Solution: Provide fire safety information through a Kenyan sensitive fire safety brochure that can be distributed in schools.
Engage public and building code officials in understanding the need for building codes.

Counseling Programs
Problem: Lack of knowledge with regard to psychological trauma that occurs after a disaster.

Solution: Provide trauma counseling by partnering with Neema Counseling Training Center Center in Kenya.

Fire Extinguisher and Smoke Detector Donations Program
BCI has a new program where donations can be made so that a school in Kenya can benefit by receiving donations of fire fighting equipment.

Charity for Disaster Victims
Problem: Limited support (financial or otherwise) for disaster victims.

Solution: Provide scholarships and medical grants for victims.

Visit Website: www.barakacareinternational.org


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