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What We've Accomplished

1. Organized the 7th commemoration in Oklahoma, USA
2. Oklahoma families of the 1995 Federal Murrah building visit Kenya
3. My visit in 2000 to Oklahoma City  bombing site 
4. Hanging gifts at the Oklahoma City bombing, a sign of remembrance and Unity
5. Survivors attending a workshop in Naivasha
6.An exchange program between survivors of Kenya and Oklahoma
7. Deep in discussion on our direction towards healing process
8. Meeting with Oklahoma families of the Federal Murrah building
9. Meeting at KICC after the commemorations at the memorial park
10. Lighting candles of hope at KICC
11. 1st commemorations at the memorial Park in 1999
12. Sharing our experiences to the audience at the KICC grounds
13. Lighting candles of Peace and Hope
14. Talking to Victor of Turning point at KICC
15. Speaking at the celebrations of Black History month in West Virginia
16. Doing what I loved to do before the bombing at KICC



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